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Values-based, authentic, joyful relationships

Love Leaf Coaching is Regina's coaching and educational event service that helps dynamic people emerge from relationship dissatisfaction to independently and authentically creating relationships and friendships based on common values, trust and joy. Whether it’s a breakup, an inspiration from someone else’s relationship or a yearning for authentic friendships, you are ready for change and you came to the right place.

Personal coaching helps people who are eager to look both deep within themselves, and at external forces that led them to their current state of optimistic dissatisfaction with transactional, controlling or conditional relationships and dating. Coaching is done with individuals through in person meetings, video or phone calls. Coaching ranges from $133-175/week. Sliding scale services available for helping professionals & activists in need of financial assistance.

Workshops, Speaking & Ceremonies
More of group learner? I regularly do events in San Francisco that range from $0-$200 per individual and I’m available for speaking gigs for $300 and up. If you are interested in booking me for a workshop or speaking event, contact me here.

Among her kin and close friends she has arranged marriage, consensual non-monogamy, LGBTQ families and strict adherence to Judeo-Christian values. She is proud to continuously read scholarly literature supporting the health and widespread practice of all of these lovestyles.

Regina does not condone waiting for prince charming or retaliatory social media posts and offers harm reduction alternatives for both.


Signature Workshops

How to Meet Great People For Dating or Decades of Friendship.

In this workshop I teach three strategies that are as relevant for a parent making new friends as it is for a single person attempting dating for the first time in years.

Each strategy has a hands on component to it that is practiced in pairs and discussed as a large group. The workshop lasts about one hour, and can be modified to fit various time frames and group sizes.

Connectivity: An Experiment in Pairing Strangers

How do we bond with people? How important is choice in forming healthy new bonds? These are some of the intense questions we tackle in this experimental workshop in which everyone is put into a pair with someone they don’t know well. We go through exercises to increase closeness to our random buddy, and then reconvene as a whole group to examine the trajectory of assigned matches. We discuss the nature of pair bonding, the benefits and challenges of copious choices.

How Understanding Your Bias Gets You Great Relationships

In this workshop we’ll examine the nature of bias, and do some personal reflection and interactive exercises looking at our own biases. With a strong mindfulness component, this workshop is great for anyone who has been on either end of allowing their bias to prevent them from having greater connection.

Turning a New Love Leaf Ceremony

Are you ready to turn a new leaf in your love life? Are you ready to let the healing power of nature and a supportive circle of likeminded people ferry you into the next chapter of your love life? Sign up for the newsletter here or send me a message to find out when the next ceremony is or request a personalized ceremony for yourself or your group.

Ceremonies are typically held near the Ocean in the San Francisco Bay Area, but can be held in other locations by request. For visitor accommodation to San Francisco ceremonies, send me a direct message.

About Me and Story of Love Leaf Coaching

Born in diverse, dynamic, sexually liberal San Francisco, and heavily influenced by my Vietnamese-American galaxy partner (spouse 2.0), I dance with the possibility of choice provided from the internet age and the joy of acceptance more common among arranged-marriage cultures such as those found in many cultures in Asia.

Regina Fletcher

My desire to inspire and educate started in the most bureaucratic way possible: urban, low-income public school teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through teaching in the classroom I saw that our youngest people start to form their attitudes about love, friendship and conflict resolution before leaving high school, yet no one was teaching skills in these areas apart from the passive modeling from parents and peers. Three layoffs later, I accepted a job teaching in Thailand and expanded my comfort zone with harmonious non truth telling, 40 year age gaps in relationships and using the Couchsurfing website to create friendship.

A severe car accident in Thailand prompted me to realize my goal of teaching relationship building skills with the precision I had used to teach fractions, and the gentleness I used to teach dyslexic readers. Originally conceived as Breakup Breakthrough, my coaching practice brought me to coaching client from four continents from the 20’s through ‘70s. Since then I’ve become a master at helping folks balance self love and self reflection, while understanding how to utilize and resist the forces of culture, economics, politics and media in their personal relationships.



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