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Breakup Before Vacation

A couple years ago my friend “Sandra” bought a certificate for a vacation package as a present for her boyfriend of several years. A few months later they broke up, and she realized she would need to use the certificate by the end of the year. After months of casual dating she met an amazing, unique woman unlike anyone she had ever dated and started dating her for a few months.
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Accidentally Empowering an Abuser

As a teacher and compassionate human being, I was appalled that a school district that has a majority of white wealthy students and exceedingly high test scores would spend money in an effort to get one child to leave the district. The girl’s mom is a nanny, so the two live in the Orinda district Monday through Friday, and stay with the girl’s grandmother on weekends
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Enjoying the Energy from your Ex-Partner or Friend

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have an ex on your mind. That might feel sad, oppressing or anger-inducing. Maybe you are feeling unrequited love, confusion at how a seemingly great relationship could go awry, or sadness that you only have the memories but not direct contact with this person.
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