TUES 8/8 Small Talk to Real Talk: If you want a second date…

Tues Aug 8 6-8pm Private Dogpatch Loft 1325 Indiana St, San Francisco Fun, safe workshop to develop conversational skills around being attractive & vulnerable during first meetings, whether dates or friends. [button text="RSVP" link="" style="default" size="normal" target="_self" display="inline" icon="no"] (more…)
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From Small Talk to Real Talk

Sun May 21 3-5pm Noir Lounge 581 Hayes St,  San Francisco RSVP  Do you crave authentic connection? A clear "YES" when asking if it's ok to ditch the small talk and go for the juicy conversations about the more demanding deeper topics? So do WE! (more…)
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How to Nourish New Connections for Summer: Workshop + Dinner

Sat June 3 5-7pm Private Dogpatch Loft 1325 Indiana St, San Francisco RSVP HERE to receive the private apartment number.  Ever wish you could magically connect with friends and partners who both excite and accept you while managing the stress of being an adult? (more…)
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