Dear Beautiful Hitchhiker

Dear beautiful hitchhiker standing with your bottle of gasoline in the middle of sparsely populated Calaveras County, *TRIGGER ALERT: This post reveals a glimpse into the hidden world of domestic violence. Read with caution. Proceed with action. Your compassion for hitchhikers you pick up despite their threatening demeanors inspires me.  (more…)
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Food After a Breakup or Divorce

Are you grocery shopping for the first time in years since your breakup or divorce (or newly crafted agreement with your current partner)? In many cities, the options for grocery shopping have expanded to fit lifestyles for everyone from the busy to the broke. (more…)
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7 Harm Reduction Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

Ok, we all know that that kicking bad habits are hard enough, but refraining from post breakup bad habits can feel nearly impossible. Are your hurting from a breakup? What are you doing to learn from this experience and rebuild the next chapter in your life? A challenging breakup or divorce can leave you overwhelmed with…
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Response to “Who Needs Skin? The Virtual Rebound as Breakup Therapy”

When I read Maureen O’Connor’s article "Who Needs Skin? The Virtual Rebound as Breakup Therapy", the first thought that came across my 30+ millennial mind was that this was another piece of evidence that my generation is drifting further from the ability to cope with situations that require face to face (or skin to skin) contact. My second thought was “What a great STI prevention method!” After reading this article, I realized there are pros and cons to the digital rebound.
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Breakup Before Vacation

A couple years ago my friend “Sandra” bought a certificate for a vacation package as a present for her boyfriend of several years. A few months later they broke up, and she realized she would need to use the certificate by the end of the year. After months of casual dating she met an amazing, unique woman unlike anyone she had ever dated and started dating her for a few months.
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