Crying in Public and Tips for Privacy Settings

The morning of the Turning a New Love Leaf Meetup at Ocean Beach I woke up plagued by the heaviness of my own uncertainties in my love life. I became a breakup coach to help other people get past their breakups, and here I was feeling teary-eyed and heavy as I drove to set up…
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The Power of Post Breakup Rituals

If you are like me, you didn’t grow up with many rituals, and you have a healthy suspicion of rituals and superstitions that get in the way of logic and individuality. Yet, after a breakup, divorce, or loss of a friendship we are often left to our own devices to get closure. The ends of…
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Dear Beautiful Hitchhiker

Dear beautiful hitchhiker standing with your bottle of gasoline in the middle of sparsely populated Calaveras County, *TRIGGER ALERT: This post reveals a glimpse into the hidden world of domestic violence. Read with caution. Proceed with action. Your compassion for hitchhikers you pick up despite their threatening demeanors inspires me.  (more…)
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Food After a Breakup or Divorce

Are you grocery shopping for the first time in years since your breakup or divorce (or newly crafted agreement with your current partner)? In many cities, the options for grocery shopping have expanded to fit lifestyles for everyone from the busy to the broke. (more…)
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