How to Make Halloween a Day of New Friendship

Every Halloween I meet new people easily. Why? I’m a retired children’s entertainer and everyone and their kid wants to hit me up for costumes…I’m rebelling from 9 years of wearing a school uniform? No seriously, I allow the festive nature of the holiday to enable myself and the people around me to step out of their comfort zone and open up.

Additional tips for meeting people and connecting authentically on Halloween…

Borrow or lend costumes (sharing makes people feel closer).
Show your sense of humor, interests or crafty skills in your costume.
Give genuine new compliments on costumes.
Give candy, scary gag gifts, thematic costume items (magic coins, fake money)
Ask the parents of your children if they want to team up for children’s Halloween events.
Invite people you want to know better to join your Halloween plans.
Find out more about people you want to know better by asking about Halloween plans without being direct (Are they single? Do they have/want kids who go trick or treating? Do they drink? Do they go out to nightlife events? Do they celebrate Day of the Dead?)
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Happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos !