Food After a Breakup or Divorce

Food After a Breakup or Divorce

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Are you grocery shopping for the first time in years since your breakup or divorce (or newly crafted agreement with your current partner)? In many cities, the options for grocery shopping have expanded to fit lifestyles for everyone from the busy to the broke.

My apologies to those of you who are looking for single men in grocery stores on Sundays (shhh…insider tip from a dating coach and matchmaker), but there are many more ways to get groceries than a grocery store in 2015.

Grocery Delivery Service

Benefits: Easy to get into a weekly schedule, save time, no distracting junk food and dessert at the register.

Loss: Typically less community interaction

My Favs


Start or join a Farmigo “community” where you have a designated weekly pickup spot and time. You select your groceries from farms and food vendors from a 100 mile radius of San Francisco. If you start a community and become the organizer, you get a discount on your weekly order. It’s a great way to wedge social interaction with other local customers and a healthy, sustainable diet into your busy life. The window of time for the weekly pickup is usually two hours, so make arrangements if you have an unpredictable, busy lifestyle.

Planet Organics

Weekly organic grocery service that uses mainly organic food and as many local farms as possible. They deliver right to your door and they use icepacks to keep perishables reasonably cool before you come home from work. As a farmworkers rights enthusiast, I have called and emailed several times and asking about the labor standards of their workers and they have great answers for me! Weekly newsletters are endearing and informative. This is great for busy people who easily drift out of healthy eating habits.

Great Grocery Delivery Services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond

Good Eggs
Planet Organics
Farm Fresh to You

Farmers Markets

Benefits: Sober, social environment for making social connections and having warm, human interaction. Smaller markets are likely to have repeat vendors and customers.

Loss: Limited hours and often run out of food before the market closes.

Looking for a great sober, social venue where you can see people in natural light and seamlessly make an excuse to leave when you feel awkward? Farmers Markets are the new meet markets for non-nightlife compliant adults.

List of Farmers Markets in San Franisco

Other Food Delivery Solutions

Before you reach for the swankest ap or website connecting you to on-demand workers, consider reaching out to someone in your extended circle who would benefit from serving and supporting you. This new “sharing economy” (usually a misused term in my opinion) thrives because it fills a need of connecting people in a fast-paced, sometimes disconnected world.

On-demand services that quickly connect you to people you can perform delivery and personal assistant type work such as buying and delivering food are listed below.

Task Rabbit

Remember that the goal of finding more efficient, healthy ways to get groceries is to nourish your body and to free your heart and your mind so that you can grow and be the best you!

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