How to Meet Great People Workshop

How to Meet Great People Workshop

Weds April 5 7pm

Private Dogpatch Loft

1325 Indiana St, San Francisco

RSVP to receive the private apartment number. 

Are you tired of the inconsistencies of online dating and trying to make friendships with people who don't fully see you?

Real friends and partners accept you.

Learn how to seamlessly connect with people who share your values and vision, both personally and professionally through three concrete strategies. Whether you are looking for romantic partners, new friends to help you grow or more meaningful business contacts, this is the perfect workshop for you.

-Learn Skills at a hands on workshop

-Networking Opportunity

-Light Snacks Provided

The apartment number will be messaged to guests who confirm their RSVP through Eventbrite.

-walking distance from 22nd St Caltrain

-abundant free street parking

Please feel welcome to message Regina through her website with more questions!

Praise for How to Meet Great People

"Regina is the opposite of a pickup artist."- Christian S, 40's 

"Ever since the workshop, I have been connecting with people in much more fulfilling ways." Nate F, 40s

"Her workshop can change your perspective about communication, connection and ties." -Sarah A, 30s



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