For me, working with Regina has been nothing short of transformative. I'm suddenly more open, honest, and welcoming to friends, friends of friends, and complete strangers. I've traveled more, hosted Couchsurfers from around the world, made a dozen new friends, and deepened relationships with friends and family. The change is so dramatic that a friend referred to me as "the new, chill Nathan." For me, the world has become a dramatically happier place. Thank you Regina!
-Nathan, 40

Regina has a knack for both discovering a person's natural, unique strengths that he/she already possesses, and explaining how to apply those same assets in order to perform better in social situations.
-Christian Simonsen

I enjoyed working with Regina, she's a very empathetic and energetic listener, and she helped me see options and ideas I hadn't considered before.
-R.G. Female

R.G. Female

Regina is a sincere listener, and has been consistent in her approach to coaching me throughout this process. She has connected me with community resources that I might not have otherwise considered, and has provided simple, effective strategies for me to be more engaged in meeting my own relationship goals (romantic and otherwise). I often need the extra push to motivate myself to grow my own boundaries — Regina has been instrumental in keeping me honest and on track.

Doyle M. male, mid 70s

Regina helped me find focus and clarity in a time of emotional turmoil. Each time I met with Regina I could tell that she had spent time thinking about what would be helpful for me and how she could cater to my specific needs. I appreciated her attentiveness and care when I was in such a sensitive place.

Jenya L. female, late 20s