Flirting, Friendship, Food: Workshop + Dinner Sat Nov 4

Flirting, Friendship, Food: Workshop + Dinner Sat Nov 4

Sat Nov 4 6:30-9pm


  • Learn Skills at a hands on workshop
  • Hub of interesting, open-minded people
  • Home Made Catered Appetizers Provided by Periodic Table



Many of us want more flirting or friendship, but how to we know when to choose one of these options and how to do it in a way that feels inviting?

These are learnable skills and we are going to learn & practice some strategies with Relationship Coach Regina Fletcher, in a fun, interactive workshop that outlines strategies for how to successfully make authentic connections that lead to friendship or fun new relationships.


All events are welcome to people who are LGBTQ, Straight, Poly, Monogamous, Divorced, Partnered or Unpartnered, Multi-Cultural, and all ages over 18 (including the ages past the 40s). Not really a singles event (although the majority of people who attend are unpartnered). My goal is to get a 4 decade age span and have people from who grew up in at least two continents at each event (usually we meet this goal).

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