How to Meet Great People for Dating or Decades of Friendship

How to Meet Great People for Dating or Decades of Friendship

Friday Jan 12 6-7:30pm, Jenner, Ca (Russian House @ Russian River)

  • Learn skills at a hands on workshop
  • Meet visionary people
  • Explore Russian House community center and restaurant


Do you have a strong sense of your values and philosophy about relationships, but find creating & maintaining new relationships challenging? Together we'll learn how to seamlessly connect with people who share your values and vision, both personally and professionally through concrete strategies and small group practice.

Join Relationship Coach Regina Fletcher, in a fun, interactive workshop where we will declare our intentions for 2018, practice challenging social skills with fellow visionary, supportive people and enjoy a delightful dinner!


All events are welcome to people who are LGBTQ, Straight, Poly, Monogamous, Divorced, Partnered or Unpartnered, Multi-Cultural, and all ages over 18 (including the ages past the 40s). Not really a singles event (although the majority of people who attend are unpartnered). My goal is to get a 4 decade age span and have people from who grew up in at least two continents at each event (usually we meet this goal).

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